Sex work might pay well, but it’s an unstable profession with few of the usual protections. With this in mind, what does being a ‘Birmingham’ escort mean in practical terms – are these ladies of the night just working within Birmingham’s confines, or do they travel further afield?

To find the answer, I went to the source, speaking to a representative of Fantasy Escort Birmingham, going undercover as a potential client looking to book one of their escorts. Asking about maximum travel, I was told ‘they can travel up to London, but the closer to Brom the better… if it’s within 30 miles there will be no charge.’ Further pushing on travel potential and costs was met with the reassurance that price would be negotiated on booking, but the impression given was that certainly for the escorts on their books, travel all over the country was possible for the right price.

That’s little surprise when you consider the economics of escort work – many women competing for the same market, each setting her own standards in negotiation with market forces and her existing schedule – but the more cynical among you may be in for a surprise. While some assume that escort services have little fidelity to their own advertising – that the women pictured on an escort service’s website aren’t actually the women who work for that service, but rather a broad range of stock pictures used to advertise whatever ‘branch’ is actually nearest to you – this is rarely the case. Indeed, most operations include pictures only of the women on their books, and escorts’ willingness to travel is a result of market forces rather than shady dealing about where each agency is ‘located’.

One factor that can further confuse whether or not agencies are really advertising their own escorts is the tendency of escorts to sign with multiple agencies, but this process is simplified if you think of it like selling your house. Working with more than one ‘broker’ is more likely to get you the attention you need, and good services will often list your house on multiple sites in order to generate interest. The same is true with escort services.

In short, while you may be suspicious of Birmingham escorts who pop up on too many sites and seem willing to travel ludicrous distances, chances are you’re looking at real Brummie escorts, complete with Birmingham accents and attitudes.

Is it strange that Birmingham escorts would be willing to travel as far as London? Maybe a little, but the thing that makes it unusual is the behaviour of the client – after all, London has its own thriving escort scene, and so do most major cities. To a Birmingham escort, a client asking them to travel to London might be unusual, but if it comes with travel covered and the assumption of a big tip, it’s worth the trip, especially for high paying customers with specific tastes or repeat clients who may want the same company no matter where life takes them. Of course, there are also those customers for whom only a Birmingham girl will do.